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Take care on Mondays – it’s the worst day of the week for car crashes

More road collisions occur in Northern Ireland on a Monday than any other day of the week, a new study has found.

After compiling data from more than 50,000 collisions handled since it launched its business in 1996, leading local accident management specialist Crash Services has revealed that almost a quarter (23%) of all collisions occurred on the first working day of the week.

Wednesdays were second with 19% of all collisions, while Sunday was the safest day for drivers when the least number of incidents occurred (2%). Collisions recorded on a Saturday were also low, at 4%.

As might be expected, drivers fared worse in the colder, darker winter months, according to the company, particularly on Mondays between December and March.

“Mondays can be a difficult day to handle for everyone, particularly after a relaxing weekend. Many drivers are perhaps not in the best of moods or are more distracted – perhaps even running late – than on any other day of the week,” said CRASH Services Sales & Marketing Director Tony McKeown.

“Traffic volumes are also high on a Monday compared with the weekend which also adds to the risk of an incident.” 

Last year, Monday 14th December topped the list for the most incidents recorded that year from the over 5,000 collisions handled, followed by Thursday 29th January and Monday 2nd March.

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