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Take tour of sunken ship on your PC

By Patrice Dougan

Ever wanted to step foot on the Titanic and see what it was really like inside?

Well now it’s possible —and you don’t even have to leave the house.

In fact, all you need is a computer.

A new online programme Virtual Belfast allows visitors to walk around the city, visiting their favourite landmarks and interacting with local folk as well as other users.

As an ‘avatar’, users will be able to take a stroll down to the Titanic Quarter where they can view plans of the famous liner and walk around the pumphouse and Thompson dock.

But, most intriguingly, they can take a dive off the harbour into a stunning seascape to the sunken wreck of the ill-fated ship, ghosts floating around its seaweed covered hulk.

Users can then enter the luxury liner to explore its opulent interior and lost glory.

Co-creator Stiofain MacTomais said the website was a modern way to view the Titanic and the city which built it.

“One hundred years ago Harland and Wolff used cutting-edge technology to build the Titanic, and now we are using cutting-edge technology to recreate it,” he said.

He said he hoped visitors who’ve explored the virtual city will come to see the real thing.

To check out the Titanic and other famous Belfast landmarks in 3D virtual reality, visit

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