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Taking steps for children with cancer

By Bob Malcolm

A team of 11, including south Belfast man Paddy Doody, have tackled the Great Wall of China in aid of the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Chidren (NICFC).

Paddy is Sales and Marketing Director at the Henderson Group, which since 2011 have been in partnership with the NICFC.

Customers and staff have raised over £250,000 so far in aid of the charity.

Paddy and the team trekked 'The Great Wall' aiming to raise £55,000 for NICFC which cares for children and young people living with cancer in Northern Ireland.

Paddy said: "I'm reasonably well-travelled, but I've never been to China before.

"It's a fascinating country, fabulous, it's difficult to put in to words.

"The wall is breathtaking, it's over 8,000 kilometres long, and when you look at it, it just stretches off to the horizon.

"We did five days walking, we got up at 6am and were on the wall for 8.00 or 8.30am. The whole day was spent walking.

"You can't forget what you're doing it for. NICFC is a really worthy charity, and it's great to be able to help.

"In all there were 32 people walking the wall for charity at the same time and when you were talking to other people who had been affected or whose children had been affected by cancer it reminded us why we had chosen NICFC as our charity partner.

"The fund was just short of £50,000 between the 11 of us but we expect to get over the £55,000 mark."

He said the group were raising the money for Daisy House, a big house, where families with children who have cancer can go to get some respite together.

He said that cancer completely changes the dynamic of a family unit and that Daisy House would provide holistic care for families.

"The house will be fantastic for families when it's finished. It should be able to accommodate 500 families a year."

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