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Talkback fails to live up to its name

By Eimear Rabbitte

BBC Radio Ulster failed to directly address the controversy surrounding the Alliance Party’s plot to ‘hijack’ their Talkback show in a serious manner yesterday, despite a request to do just that.

In the wake of yesterday’s front page story, I called Talkback to ask them why the explosive revelations regarding the Alliance Party’s tactics to flood the Talkback show with fake callers had not been discussed on air.

I made the call as a member of the public. I said that I wanted to ask why the programme had not addressed the story on their programme, apart from a reference in jest by Talkback host William Crawley. I was told in polite terms that my question would be passed on to show producers as an anonymous caller. 

When I asked if I would not be allowed to ask my question live on air, I was told that it did not address the ‘subject matter in hand’ — which was a question and answer segment with UUP leader Mike Nesbitt.

I then said I would like to put the question to Mr Nesbitt also, about his take on the front page story and what he thought of Alliance Party tactics.

While I was assured that my question had been processed and passed on to show producers, it never saw the light of day.

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