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Task group is to continue 'challenging discussions'

The Presbyterian Church is hoping to continue group discussions to offer pastoral support to individuals and their families in the context of same-sex attraction.

Former Moderator, the Very Reverend Rob Craig, told the General Assembly that during the past year his Task Group held 10 workshops for ministers, licentiates and youth workers to try to improve pastoral care.

He said: "At each of these gatherings I found that there was a gracious spirit, able to listen and learn from one another."

Dr Craig also revealed that the group had talked to Christian people "whose theological understanding regarding same-sex attraction is different from ours. We have found these conversations both challenging and informative."

Dr Craig said he had encountered "real people, individuals and families, who have been wrestling to understand who they are in the light of their faith in Christ".

"I have also been learning to be careful of the words I use, so as not to cause unnecessary hurt."

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