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Taxi driver ‘carried ammo in his cab’

A taxi driver allegedly used his job as a way of transporting ammunition with less risk of being caught, a court has heard.

Police claimed bullets found in Martin McAuley's car were the type used in handguns associated with terrorists and other criminals.

McAuley, of Glenpark Street, Belfast, was arrested after being stopped by police at a location in the city on Friday.

The 40-year-old denies a charge of possessing ammunition in |suspicious circumstances. He |was granted bail but banned |from being in a taxi or any private |vehicle.

Belfast Magistrates Court heard the ammunition had allegedly been concealed in his car.

A detective sergeant claimed the accused was involved in its “covert transportation” through his work to minimise the risk of recovery.

McAuley's solicitor estimated that 90 fares and around 180 people could have been in his client's cab in the five days up to his arrest.

But the detective claimed the accused only gave details on two fares out of 18 McAuley had logged for last Friday.

The court also heard how the suspect has worked as a taxi driver for the last 22 years.

McAuley will appear again before the court next month.

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