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Taxi driver is the latest victim of carjackers

By John Mulgrew

A taxi driver has become the latest carjacking victim after he was attacked with a screwdriver and ordered from his vehicle.

Thomas Brownlee was set upon during the ordeal in north Belfast in the early hours of yesterday morning.

He picked up the three would-be car thieves in Dollingstown, outside Craigavon, before they turned on him as he was dropping them off at Hopewell Place.

He said that he feared for his life. "In the middle of it all, when I felt the point of the screwdriver, at that stage - I could have been killed," he said.

Although not seriously injured, the taxi driver was left shaken and his car badly damaged.

His attack is the latest in a serious of similar hijackings across the city - with four female victims targeted since Boxing Day.

Police Chief Superintendent Alan Todd last night told UTV: "Obviously there are similarities as to how the crimes were committed and we couldn't rule out the fact that there are copycat-type crimes," he said. "But from the descriptions of those involved, we don't draw links between them."

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