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TD Murphy hints at post-Brexit united Ireland

An Irish TD has spoken about a possible post-Brexit future in which Northern Ireland becomes unified with the Republic.

In an interview with the European People's Party (EPP) group's official YouTube channel, Dara Murphy, who is vice-president of the group, reflected on the terms of the Good Friday Agreement and the process that would have to take place for a unified Ireland to come into being - although he was clear in stating "the Irish government believes that this is not the time for a poll on a united Ireland".

The Fine Gael TD stated that the Irish government, led by his party, were seeking clarity on what a hypothetical future border poll would mean for the status of Northern Ireland within the European Union.

"We have a peace process that has survived and worked with the support of both governments, both communities, but also the support of the European Union," Mr Murphy said.

"The reference to a united Ireland is enshrined within the Good Friday Agreement, an internationally binding peace treaty, that provides that some time in the future that a united Ireland might be possible if the people vote for that in a democratic and orderly fashion.

"We have no sense or desire within these talks to trigger or initiate any part of that process. In fact the Irish government believes that this is not the time for a poll on a united Ireland."

In the Good Friday Agreement nationalism and unionism are referred to as "equally legitimate, political aspirations" and that the power for calling a border poll lies with the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

This action can be taken in circumstances where the Secretary of State believes that a majority of people would vote in favour of a united Ireland.

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