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Teacher assault boy is put on notice by District Judge

By Eamonn MacDermott

A 13-year-old boy has been warned by a judge that there are "some very dangerous people out there and you are coming to their attention".

The comments by District Judge Barney McElholm came during a hearing involving the boy, who is charged with assaulting teachers and criminal damage.

Londonderry Youth Court was told that the boy was not fully co-operating with the juvenile justice system. Judge McElholm told him that if the Juvenile Justice Centre accepted children under 14 years of age he would have sent him there.

He warned the boy: "In another 10 months you will be 14 and this is what you have ahead of you. The assault on teachers is an absolute disgrace and if you were of age you would be getting three months and that would be three months, not half."

The judge also warned the boy that his behaviour would bring him to the attention of "dangerous" people and said: "There are thugs out there who do much worse than I can." The boy was ordered to do 40 hours of a community responsibility order.

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