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Teacher at Ceara School in Lurgan suspended following complaint

A female teacher from one of Northern Ireland's top schools for pupils with learning difficulties has been suspended following a complaint from a member of the public.

Yesterday the principal of Ceara School in Lurgan, Co Armagh, said that the school had been inundated with messages of support from parents and other teachers – including from the parents of the pupil involved in the alleged incident.

It is understood that the complaint of the alleged incident was not of a sexual nature and did not take place at the school.

Dr Peter Cunningham confirmed that the school was "co-operating fully with the police investigation", in compliance with the school's children protection policies.

He added: "One of our teachers has been suspended without prejudice on their full pay following a complaint, which is pending the outcome of a police investigation."

This is the first time a teacher has been suspended from Ceara School during Dr Cunningham's 20 years at the helm.

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