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Technical problems hit Londonderry 'peace flame'

By Allan Preston

A flame in Londonderry designed to burn continuously to symbolise peace has been beset by technical difficulties.

The 'Peace Flame' is situated near the city centre's Guildhall.

In May 2013, thousands gathered for the lighting ceremony in Guildhall square including Martin Luther King III, the son of the iconic US civil rights leader.

It's now emerged that mechanical problems only allow the flame to light sporadically.

First Derry Presbyterian Minister, the Rev David Latimer, said the situation was "deeply disappointing".

"It's just a pity given that this flame was launched as such as symbol of unity between our communities," he told the Derry News.

He explained the flame was powered by gas but was meant to have an electrical backup.

While praising the local council's proactive response, he said the fault remained a mystery.

A council spokesperson said the system could be "intermittently affected" by issues such as low gas or poor weather, but any outages were promptly responded to.

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