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Teen saved from rocks with just moments to spare in Northern Ireland

By Staff Reporter

A courageous Coastguard rescue team saved the life of a teenage girl trapped on rocks by a rising tide with just moments to spare last night.

The teenager was trapped on a platform of rock at the base of a cliff at Castlerock in Co Londonderry as a high spring tide threatened to sweep her into the sea.

It’s understood that her three companions — two boys and a girl — had been able to swim to safety, but the 16-year-old was unable to escape.

The Coleraine Coastguard team mounted a major operation to haul the girl to safety.

A specialist rope technician was lowered down the face of the 100ft cliff to rescue the tired, frightened teenager. She had been suffering from hypothermia and had swallowed a considerable amount of seawater.

Chris Little from Coleraine Coastguard Rescue team told BBC Radio Ulster: “This was a major operation.

“We had a situation where a very tired and very distressed young girl was trapped at the base of a cliff with a rapidly rising spring tide.”

He revealed that the teenager was just moments from being overwhelmed by the rising tide when she was finally brought to safety as darkness fell.

“As she and her Coastguard rescuer left the base to be hauled up to the cliff top, the waves broke over the platform where they had been standing,” Mr Little said.

The young woman was taken by ambulance to the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine as a precaution.

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