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Teenage Derry girl 'vowed to burn down every PSNI station', court hears

A teenage girl accused of a drink and drugs-fuelled bout of assaults on police and vowing to burn down every PSNI station is out of control, the High Court heard today.

Prosecutors also claimed Agnes Miroslawska also said she "cannot wait" until an officer is shot.

The 18-year-old, with an address at Northland Road, Derry, faces a series of disorderly behaviour and assault on police charges.

All of the alleged offences occurred in the city between October 1 to 18.

During a bail application the court heard claims that she shouted and swore at officers and threw a glass at a police patrol.

Prosecution counsel Conor Maguire detailed separate alleged outbursts of violence, including kicking one officer and a no-warning double punching of a policewoman.

He said her behaviour is linked to drink and drugs.

After being cautioned during the most recent incident she allegedly replied: "I don't give a f***, I'm going to burn every police station down."

It was claimed that Miroslawska also made derogatory remarks about a district judge who repeatedly granted her bail previously.

According to the prosecution she further stated that she "cannot wait until a police officer gets shot".

Mr Maguire added: "Police say there is an inevitability that if the applicant is released again she will re-offend.

"Police have said nothing can control her - she simply cannot be contained."

Defence barrister Mark Reel identified medical issues with Miroslawska, who moved to Northern Ireland from an undisclosed country at the age of 12.

He said her alleged hostility towards police was linked to a perceived failure to progress a serious complaint made to them.

The bail application was adjourned until more details on her possible treatment is obtained.

Mr Justice Horner said: "She's clearly a troubled young woman. If there is an alternative where she can be managed safely that's better than prison.

"But at the minute she has been given a number of chances and hasn't taken any of them."

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