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Teenage suicide victim took his own life hours before counselling session

A 13-year-old west Belfast boy who committed suicide was receiving counselling after trying to take his own life four months earlier, it has emerged.

Martin Rooney, a promising young footballer from the Twinbrook area, killed himself just hours before his last counselling session.

His death came 24 hours before 11-year-old Ciara Doherty, who lived in a neighbouring estate, was found dead.

Speaking for the first time last night, Martin's devastated grandmother Eileen Kelly said she felt “robbed” by his tragic death.

“I feel robbed and I feel angry and I feel very confused,” she said.

“I'm raging with so many different emotions and I'm trying to keep it all together because... I'm his granny and I'm my daughter's mummy.”

Martin had decided he would like to become a firefighter later in life, but became suicidal after the deaths of a grandparent and a great-grandparent.

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He had tried to take his own |life four months earlier and was receiving counselling.

“I loved him with all my heart and soul,” Mrs Kelly told UTV.

“I remember him so much as |a baby and as a child growing |up and he was just a lovely |child overall. Those feelings |are still there and they'll always |be with me.”

Ceaven Gallagher, who trained in heart resuscitation after |his sister took her own life |almost two years ago, tried to |save Martin.

“I can hear his mum and dad's voices in my head as that was happening and as we were working on him, trying to bring him back,” he said.

“It was their baby, it was their son and they just wanted him to be okay and for him just to open his eyes and look at them and |say something.

“I don't think I'll ever get that out of my head.”

The west Belfast area has been scarred by a spate of suicides in |recent months.

An emergency meeting of health and education officials, community representatives, police and politicians was held in the wake of the latest tragedies.

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