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Teenager in court accused of slashing police officer's face at Twaddell Avenue


A teenager has appeared in court accused of slashing a police sergeant's face with a Stanley knife and damaging a banner at a loyalist protest camp.

The 16-year-old is also alleged to have carried out a provocative act at the scene on Twaddell Avenue in north Belfast.

He was brought before the city's Youth Court on crutches and his leg in plaster following a suspected assault on him during the same incident on New Year's Day.

The youth, who cannot be identified, faces six separate charges, including possession of herbal cannabis, and was granted bail to get treatment for drug-related issues.

The officer was sliced across the face after being called out to a reported assault at the loyalist camp, set up to protest at restrictions on an Orange Order parade near Ardoyne.

District Judge George Conner said: "It's a very serious incident that has happened, but we feel if there's going to be any salvation for (the accused) he has to get the proper treatment, and as quickly as possible."

He will appear again in court next week.

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