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Teenager stabbed in back by 'robbers' in north Belfast alleyway


A 17-year-old stabbed in the back as he walked down a north Belfast alleyway may have been the victim of a robbery.

The teenager was taken to hospital where he was treated for a stab wound to his shoulder after the attack early yesterday.

His ordeal began as he walking through an alleyway at Bruslee Way in the New Lodge area when two men with their faces covered by their coats approached him.

He was grabbed from behind and he thought he had been punched in the back.

However, after he broke free and ran to safety, it was discovered he had been stabbed.

Conor Maskey, chairman of Safer Streets New Lodge, said the attack was disappointing given improvements in tackling crime and added: "This does not help the work that many of us are doing on a daily basis."

SDLP councillor Nichola Mallon said: "Those who resort to violence, and particularly this sickening kind of knife attack, are beneath contempt and have nothing to offer this strong, close-knit community."

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