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Teenager 'told police she would sell her body to Belfast motorists'

By Ashleigh McDonald

A 16-year-old girl who has "extreme difficulties with substances" told police she was going to flag down a car and "offer herself to male motorists in exchange for money", the High Court has heard.

The teenager, whose identity cannot be revealed, made the comment to an officer after she was arrested following a disturbance at a children's home in Belfast.

During a bail application held on behalf of the 16-year old, Crown representative Philip Henry said the girl faced two charges arising from the incident which took place on July 22.

Police were called to the children's home, and whilst dealing with the situation the accused is alleged to have damaged a watch belonging to one officer.

She is subsequently facing a criminal damage charge, as well as assaulting police.

Mr Henry told the court that after her arrest the teenager "was making assertions to police... that once leaving the police station, she was going to flag down a car and offer herself to motorists in exchange for money".

Telling the court the girl was detained for her own safety, Mr Henry said secure accommodation was now available for her at a secure unit.

After the girl's barrister told the High Court there were no issues arising, Mr Justice Maguire agreed to release her to the secure unit on the grounds that she does not consume alcohol or take non-prescribed drugs.

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