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'Tell you what we want: stop asking to use closed roads'

By Claire Williamson

The PSNI has once again shown its humorous side on Facebook as officers threatened to hand out Spice Girls CDs to anyone who questions 'Road Closed' signs across Northern Ireland.

As the annual Orange Order parades took place across the country, many roads were closed to facilitate them.

The PSNI Facebook pages, which often offer a light-hearted take on events, bemoaned road-users who ask to use these roads anyway.

PSNI Craigavon posted wryly: "99% of people accept it, drive on, even wave, until that ONE pulls up: "Oh is the road closed? Can I not go down there?" ‪#‎FacePalm.‬

"Did you know that Spice Girls' Wannabe is 20 years old this week?! I dug out my old copy (don't judge me, my first girlfriend bought it for me).

"As I headed home off night shift, that CD was given to my parade duty colleagues. The first person to ask them one of those questions will be forcibly given that CD. You have been warned."

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