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Temperatures in Northern Ireland set to spike in mini-heatwave

Many parts of Britain could enjoy Mediterranean temperatures next week. (Owen Humphreys/PA)
Many parts of Britain could enjoy Mediterranean temperatures next week. (Owen Humphreys/PA)

Temperatures in Northern Ireland are set to spike in the coming days thanks a mini-heatwave across the UK.

In mainland Britain temperatures are set to soar as high as 26C thanks to an area of high pressure starting in the south of the country and moving northwards.

Northern Ireland will miss out of the hottest conditions, but will still see temperatures 7C or 8C higher than average for this time of year - reaching around 18C on Thursday.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Met Office Meteorologist John West said: "What we’re going to see is the high pressure over the south and the east extending further north and south, allowing temperatures in this southerly flow to increase day-on-day.

"Further west through Northern Ireland and Ireland it is going to be a bit closer to the low pressures in the Atlantic, but will still be seeing unseasonably high temperatures as the week goes on and into the weekend also.

"There will especially be some more sunny weather on Thursday."

Mr West said earlier reports the warm spell was caused by an 'African air plume' were inaccurate, and the temperatures were actually coming from a warmer part of the Atlantic positioned to the west of Spain and Portugal.

Ahead of warm weather later in the week colder temperatures and rain are predicted for later Tuesday, with heavy showers impacting the west.

Forecasters in the Republic have predicted temperatures could go as high as 19C or 20C by Friday.

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