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Temperatures to hit 25 degrees as Northern Ireland basks in glorious sunshine

Jenna Fahy and dog Pepper at Loughshore in Jordanstown
Jenna Fahy and dog Pepper at Loughshore in Jordanstown
Nicola Lennon with her one-year-old daughter Olivia Rea at Helen's Bay beach
Alisha Malone, Caitlin Rainey and Bronagh Corr bury Libby Milligan in the sand
Brett Campbell

By Brett Campbell

Northern Ireland will continue to bask in glorious sunshine today with warm air expected to usher in the hottest day of the year.

Any early morning cloud will burn away quickly in the heat revealing blue skies everywhere.

Met Office forecaster Craig Snell said temperatures could climb as high as 23C today - making it the warmest day of 2019 so far.

"If it doesn't happened today it will happen tomorrow or Saturday," he said.

The record was set this year when the mercury soared to 22.3C in Armagh on April 20 and in Belfast on April 21.

"Friday will be another fine day with temperatures getting into the 20s again and reaching as high as 25 degrees in the west - it will be cooler along the Irish Sea coast," Mr Snell continued.

"The west however will be fresher on Saturday as a cooler front moves in with early showers possible. Temperatures could reach 25 degrees in Belfast as that warm air clings on."

The weather will return to the more changeable conditions which have dominated the month of June from Sunday onwards.

Temperatures will fall back down into the high teens throughout the first week of July.

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