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Temperatures to hit mid-20s in Northern Ireland over bank holiday weekend

Temperatures over the upcoming bank holiday weekend in Northern Ireland could hit the mid-20s, forecasters have said.

After record-breaking temperatures over the May bank holiday, the UK is set for another weekend of sunshine as high pressure from the Continent leads to dry and sunny weather.

Temperatures in parts of the UK may soar to 30C.

Southern parts of the UK could, however, face thunderstorms.

Bonnie Diamond from the Met Office said: "On bank holiday Monday itself, there is a small chance of temperatures reaching 30 Celsius in some parts of southern England.

"However, at this stage there is low confidence in the detail and it'll be localised and fairly isolated."

The average in London will be approximately 26C over the weekend, while temperatures for Northern Ireland and Scotland will be in the low to mid-20s.

The Met Office's Nicola Maxey warned that the heavy, slow-moving thunderstorms could linger in southern, central parts of the UK which are to see higher temperatures.

"If you're getting one you could be under it for a while," she said. And the forecaster added: "The bank holiday weekend will be mostly fine and sunny, after any early mist and fog has cleared.

"Scattered thunderstorms could affect southern and central areas at times, however, with mist and low cloud possibly affecting the east coast. It will be warm or very warm in the south and west, but often much cooler near eastern coasts. There will also be a brisk easterly wind across southern areas."

The weather for the rest of this week in Northern Ireland will be mainly dry and sunny, with some showers possible on Friday.

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