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Terrified woman carjacked by gang on Brians Well Road in Dunmurry

By Joanne Fleming

A woman whose car was hijacked by a masked gang has said she was left in shock by the ordeal.

The woman, who asked not to be named, was taking medicine to her son when her car was stopped along the Brians Well Road in Dunmurry shortly after 6.30pm on Saturday.

She said that when she slowed down at ramps the gang of three appeared, their faces covered with scarves.

"A fella just appeared at the side of the car and opened the door and shouted at me to get out," she said.

"He had something in his hand, it looked like a knife. I just panicked and got out of the car.

"Then he was away in the car. There was two fellas hovering behind him and they were away as well. I couldn't believe how quick it happened."

The woman was left standing by the side of the road and her car was later found on fire in the Summerhill Road area.

She added: "I couldn't get over that. Why steal a car and just burn it? I'm really in shock. Anything could have happened to me standing there. They could have come back. I was there by myself, there was nobody there to help me.

"I would be very afraid to drive out by myself anywhere."

Detectives have appealed for witnesses.

The Belfast Telegraph previously revealed that the number of carjackings in Northern Ireland has increased 40-fold since 2004.

In 2004-5 there were just six hijackings, whereas the most recent yearly statistics showed that the figure had soared to 238.

Some of the vehicles stolen, often in broad daylight, were later discovered burned out in west Belfast.

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