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Terror signs for sale on Facebook - Outraged MP demands removal


The two signs currently being sold on Facebook

The two signs currently being sold on Facebook

The two signs currently being sold on Facebook

Facebook has been urged to urgently review products being sold on its social media platforms after it emerged that sinister signs are being offered for sale by a private seller in Lurgan.

Designed to look like traditional road signs, both show images of a gunman alongside an Irish tricolour flag.

The two items are for sale on the social media giant's 'marketplace' section.

One of the terrorist-linked road signs displays the words 'Free Kilwilkie' and the other says 'Crossmaglen Sniper at Work'.

East Londonderry DUP MP Gregory Campbell called for the immediate removal of the items.

"It is grotesque that terrorism is still glorified within sections of our communities," he said.

"There is no justification for it. Terrorism was wrong and always will be.

"Facebook need to stop the promotion of such materials and review this product which is being sold on its site. It must be immediately removed.

"Products promoting any form of terrorism must be banned, with strict regulations in place.

"It wasn't that long ago that Sinn Fein continued to sell IRA related products on its website.

"Sinn Fein continually eulogise terrorism and fail to move society forward with empty, tokenistic phrases on respect, integrity and equality. Their inaction on calling out IRA terrorism is only attempting to mislead the next generation who could believe this is acceptable when any right thinking person knows it's not."

Facebook has previously been criticised for it's over-zealous approach to some topics, while permitting images and videos of terrorist related violence to remain on the social media site.

Earlier this year the PSNI had its Facebook pages shut down for sharing a picture of bank notes and a bag of illegal drugs.

In August last year a number of loyalist groups claimed that Facebook had shut down their pages or removed images after complaints from republicans.

South Belfast Action for Community Transformation (ACT), Shankill ACT and South Belfast UPRG sites were all affected, with their creators saying they could not understand why the pictures have been deemed "offensive".

The photos included a bass drum presented to the 1st Battalion (Donegall Pass) South Belfast Regiment Ulster Volunteer Force, a UVF officer's cap and armband from the North Belfast UVF, posted along with report of a visit to the Ulster Museum.

A number of YouTube accounts linked to marching bands were also closed by the video-sharing website.

Facebook has not responded to a request for comment.

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