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'Terrorist' images of children 'not part of an organised event'

The Ti Chulainn centre in south Armagh has said that children dressed up as paramilitaries armed with replica weapons on its premises hadn’t “been part of an organised event” in the centre but were “in the care of an adult to view an exhibition”.

A statement said: “We don’t approve of young children engaging in this type of activity. We will be reviewing our policy regarding supervision to ensure a similar occurrence doesn’t take place in future.”

The centre said that it was willing to meet Patricia Lewsley and SEUPB “to allay any concerns they may have”.

The pictures, first published in the Belfast Telegraph, showed children, some of primary school age, wearing balaclavas and combat clothes.

Some of the children were pictured brandishing replica weapons, including AK47s and Armalites, while other guns were visible in the background.

It is believed the photos were taken six months ago.

The Ti Chulainn culture and heritage centre in Mullaghbawn sits at the foot of Slieve Gullion, offering conference facilities and tourist accommodation.

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