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Tesco 12p Budweiser beer offer was too good to be true

By Staff Reporter

A Belfast man who thought that he'd found big bottles of Budweiser on sale online for 12p for over a pint has spoken of his annoyance after Tesco refused to honour the deal.

Tesco's website was offering three crates of 12 660ml bottles of Bud for £5. That works out at just under 12p per bottle.

The offer looked too good to be true - and it was.

Andrew Glass spotted the very special offer - and sent a tweet to the retailer to check it would stand over the online price.

But the supermarket quickly responded to say that the low prices were a mistake.

"I'm sorry the product has been listed with the incorrect details, I understand this must be frustrating for you," a customer service rep tweeted.

"I'm afraid we would not be able to honour this for you.

"Sorry again for the inconvenience caused."

But a thirsty Andrew replied: "Doesn't sound like you are that sorry.

"You make a mistake then tell your customer to cancel it.

"Great customer services."

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