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Tesco petrol diesel mix-up: 75 motorists say they were affected

By Sara Neill

Motorists fear more Tesco forecourts could be affected after diesel was put in the petrol tanks at a filling station in Bangor.

As revealed in the Belfast Telegraph on Monday, the supermarket giant shut down its pumps at the Bloomfield store after the mix-up on Saturday.

By that stage several drivers had already filled up, and were left with cars that came to a juddering stop.

Danielle Edgar (27) spent £20 at the pumps on Saturday afternoon, but her final bill has been more than 10 times that amount.

"The car started chugging, but then it barely got to the restaurant on Saturday night and could hardly get any revs," she said.

"Then the car wouldn't start, and when restaurant staff gave it a push start the car backfired and flames came out."

It was Danielle's mum who spotted online that other people were also having problems.

"Tesco customer helpline told me not to move the car, and said someone would be out to see it. But when I rang again they said I had been given the wrong information and they would do nothing until it was investigated," she said.

It was a different story when Danielle visited the Bloomfield store.

"They said the unleaded tanker had been filled with diesel, and staff there were worried it had affected other stores," she said.

An overnight callout with the AA meant Danielle then had a bill for £225 to cover, as well as £30 of petrol to flush out the system.

She said: "I don't have that money there. I've had to use my rent money, and I just hope that Tesco reimburse me pretty quickly."

Around 75 people have contacted Tesco to complain, and drivers who bought petrol from other Tesco forecourts are also concerned.

Claire Spence's car had problems after it was topped up at Bangor's Springhill store. She said: "Tesco told my dad that station wasn't affected, but I drove the car on Monday and it wouldn't accelerate without shuddering. Then I read about the Bloomfields situation on Facebook.

"It was a small amount he put in, under £20, so I reckon that's why I'm not broken down. It seems strange to just be a coincidence."

Another Facebook user claims she had issues with her car after using the petrol pump at Yorkgate. The supermarket is investigating a "possible fuel contamination" at two out of six pumps at the Bangor store.

A spokesman said: "We have no reason to believe any other Tesco stores have been affected. We are working with our local fuel haulier to understand how this situation could have occurred.

"Where we are found to have been at fault we will cover the reasonable costs of any repairs needed to customers' vehicles as a direct result of the incident."

The official statement from Tesco does not back up the exact source of the contamination, but a tweet from its twitter account reads: "Diesel fuel has been placed in two of the unleaded tanks. The petrol station was also closed but is now reopen."

Tesco has advised affected customers to contact them on 0800 505555.

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