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That's rock 'n' roll and Mick ain't for changing

By Lindy McDowell

A paparazzi picture is worth a thousand-word statement from your publicist. Which is presumably why when Mick Jagger wanted to signal to the world that he was back on, shall we say, the dating scene, he appears to have chosen the easiest route to getting the message out there.

This is a savvy media performer so it's unlikely it would not have occurred to him that he and a Michelle Keegan lookalike nuzzling on a Zurich hotel balcony would attract some long lens attention.

It's less than three months since the shocking death of L'Wren Scott on March 17, and inevitably there is criticism that Jagger seems to have moved on with indecent haste. After all, he'd described L'Wren as "my lover and my best friend".

But a "source" helpfully explains to the media that "sex is like a coping mechanism for him. Some men drown their sorrows in drink. Mick ... drowns his sorrows in women".

It's not exactly very gallant, sensitive or respectful of women, is it?

But here's the thing. This is Mick Jagger we're talking about. Not Old Shep the sheepdog. Mick Jagger, as all the world knows, doesn't do faithful. With seven children by four mothers, this is rock's pro-creator general. His legendary womanising rules out the chance of anybody ever confusing Sir Mick with Sir Cliff.

In fairness to the man, he doesn't pretend otherwise.

For his entire adult life (and bear in mind, he's now 70) Mick Jagger has been surrounded by beautiful women, eternally eager and available. It's a different world he inhabits.

Whether it brings him lasting happiness is his business. What we do know is that he is unlikely to change at this late stage. And, yes, it might not be the way the rest of us live our lives. But to quote the old cliché, that's rock 'n' roll.

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