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The 10 questions I would have asked Mrs Bradley

By Suzanne Breen

1. Do you think it's appropriate for someone who has never before set foot in Northern Ireland to be appointed Secretary of State?

2. What qualities did Theresa May think you would bring to the job for her to choose you over colleagues with more experience and knowledge of Northern Ireland?

3. How do you plan to familiarise yourself with the place and its people other than from reading official papers and talking to politicians?

4. You know DUP MPs from the House of Commons but have you ever met anyone from Sinn Fein before?

5. What ideas do you have to reinvigorate the talks ­­- is a change of venue, an independent chair and a more inclusive approach on the cards? ­- and can negotiations succeed in the currently poisonous political atmosphere?

6. What deadline are you setting for a deal before you move to reintroduce direct rule?

7. Will you act on Trevor Reaney's recommendation that MLAs' pay is immediately cut by £7,000?

8. You have consistently supported same-sex marriage - will you move to legalise it in Northern Ireland and if not, why not?

9. Sixteen months after the Bengoa Report, the NHS is in even deeper crisis here. What action will you take to address this and initiate health reform?

10. Which previous Northern Ireland Secretary of State do you admire most and why?

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