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The 'anonymous cowards' behind far-right Ulster Awake leaflets being distributed around Lisburn are condemned by Alliance Party

The Deputy Mayor of Lisburn has spoken out in disgust after "far right" Ulster Awake leaflets were distributed around the city centre.

The leaflet proclaims "No jihad here! Northern Ireland is under threat".

It claims there is a chance of a Jihadist attack on Northern Ireland and urged people to "get involved" with Ulster Awakes.

"The insanity of mass immigration/bogus asylum seekers and refugees welcome must be challenged and stopped if our nation and people are to survive," the leaflets reads.

"We refuse to stand idly by and watch the funeral pyre of our race and nation be built with the help of our 'so-called' politicians, which includes much of unionism.

"For the sake of your children and grandchildren stand up and resist the invasion!"

Lisburn Deputy Mayor Stephen Martin (Alliance Party) said the leaflets were left on car windscreens outside Bow Street Mall in Lisburn on Saturday afternoon.

It follows a similar incident in East Antrim several months ago.

"Everyone is entitled to express their point of view but when a group pretends to defend us all by spreading outright lies intended to divide communities, it needs condemned in the strongest possible terms," Mr Martin said.

"This propaganda needs continually challenged – nothing of what they have put into the public domain that actually stands up to scrutiny. These sorts of groups are only interested in whipping up unnecessary fear to further their own agenda.

"Whoever wrote this offensive material won’t even put their own names to their propaganda. These anonymous cowards need challenged on their lies at every turn."

DUP councillor Jonathan Craig said the leaflets do not represent the people of the area.

"These leaflets are an obvious attempt to stir up tensions within Lisburn," he said.

"Those behind the leaflets do not represent the view of people in the Lisburn area and they are clearly ignorant of the huge amount of good work which has been done in tackling racism and promoting good community relations with those who have come to live in Lisburn.

"A national debate about controlled immigration is a world away from these kind of leaflets which are deliberately worded and would undoubtedly be intimidating to those from ethnic minority groups."

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