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The Apprentice's Dr Leah Totton sets sights on politics


Leah Totton has said going into politics is her ultimate aim

Leah Totton has said going into politics is her ultimate aim

Leah Totton has said going into politics is her ultimate aim

Move over all you dusty, disgruntled Northern Ireland politicians: there’s a new girl in town.

Apprentice winner Leah Totton has set her eyes on a future new prize — a career in politics.

The 26-year-old, who opened her first Dr Leah cosmetic skin clinic in London this week, told the Belfast Telegraph that she would seriously consider running for office.

“I'd would love to stand for election — it's my ultimate dream,” she said.

“I really think new blood is needed in Northern Irish politics and a very different point of view put forward.

“It would be extremely good for the country. I'm really into politics, especially Northern Ireland politics.”

Although she wouldn’t confirm, if she did stand, whether it would be as a councillor or MLA in her native Northern Ireland, or as a representative in London, where she lives and works.

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Nor would she say what political party she would be affiliated to, although she did confess to being a fan of Margaret Thatcher.

While Ms Totton does not agree with Thatcherite policies, she added: “I can't comment on my allegiances as it's so contentious, but I'm definitely not Liberal. And Lord Sugar's Labour...”

However, if the Dr Leah beauty brand takes off in the way that she and her financial backer, Lord Sugar, believe it will, people may be voting for the Dr Leah party.

However, her accent may have to change.

Speaking about the criticism she received in the British Press for the way she talked, Ms Totton admitted: “If I get into politics I'll maybe have to get it tweaked.”


Dr Leah Totton won the 2013 Apprentice competition and secured £250,000 of Lord Alan Sugar’s money to open a range of “medically ethical” cosmetic procedures clinics. She is the eldest daughter of Trevor and Lorraine Totton, a taxi driver and civil servant who live in Londonderry with their youngest son Dale (15). The qualified doctor will be helped in the Dr Leah skin clinic in London by her sister Jodie (21). She hopes to open a clinic in Northern Ireland within two years.

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