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There’s more debate, more features... more pizazz

By Mike Gilson

The Belfast Telegraph is the mostly widely read Northern Irish newspaper. We’re in that position because we have continued to innovate and do our best to understand what our readers want.

The newspaper has become a rallying point for people from all sections of the community who want progress, campaigning for improvements and exposing wrongdoing while not forgetting people need fun and frivolity too. But we are not resting on our laurels. From Monday we are going to give our readers more.

More features. Our award-winning Life section is expanding from Monday to take over the coveted centre spread of the newspaper. There will be more fashion tips, health advice, amazing human stories and of course the regular much-loved features such as Fashionspy, Relatively Speaking, First Person and All the Best will still be there.

More debate. Our comment section, the most widely respected platform for opinion in Northern Ireland, is getting a fresh look. Renamed DebateNI to mirror our newly launched political news and blog service at BelfastTelegraph.|, it will be more hard-hitting then ever before. DebateNI will remain the only place where political opinion of all shades in Northern Ireland can be read. The section will buzz with ideas that you are free to agree or disagree with.

More pizazz. We will be introducing a new and improved range of platforms in the news section. Pamela Ballentine’s social diary page (THE place to be seen) is being revamped and a local hero will be recognised each week. Eddie McIlwaine’s hugely popular nostalgia page is renamed BackThen with new features. Please keep sending him your memories.

Our must-read Registrar page with its spotlight on births, marriages and tributes to those passed away moves to a new home on Wednesday.

On Thursday our award-winning humourist Robert McNeil brings you a new witty/cynical/surreal (take your pick) take on the week in Northern Ireland that will become a water-cooler talker. On Friday we are going to turn our eye on to local TV and radio. What has worked this week and what has not. Our critics will be handing out the brickbats and occasional bouquets.

I hope you enjoy the (slightly) revamped Belfast Telegraph next week.

The core of excellence remains but we continue to evolve. I’m sure you’ll let me know what you think.


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