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The Derry mum who woke up with no memory of her children

A woman from County Londonderry has described how she lost all memory of her life and her children after suffering a brain aneurysm.

Daphne Wilson from Limavady was walking to a friend's house to babysit when she took ill and fell down in the street, later waking up in the Royal Victoria Hospital surrounded by a family she had no recollection of.

She spoke of telling a young girl who called her “mammy” to “get out of here”, even though it was her own daughter with whom she had been very close before the incident, according to the BBC.

Ms Wilson added that her family have since filled her in on many aspects of her life which had been completely wiped from her memory but has since made a remarkable recovery, as she told delegates at a recent brain injury conference in Londonderry.

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