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The Fall: Critics give their verdict on Jamie Dornan's return as serial killer

Don't worry no spoilers here

By Claire Williamson

UK fans of The Fall are counting down the hours until its return tonight- but what have the critics made of it following its premiere on RTE in the Republic?

There are just hours before Northern Ireland fans find out the fate of Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) who lay shot in the arms of detective Stella Gibson in the excruciating cliff-hanger end of series two.

And those in the Republic already know what happened.

But did the critics think it was worth the wait?

The Irish Independent billed it a "high stakes opener" before launching a scathing attack on its pace.

Its critic Pat Stacey said: "If you thought the previous season of The Fall was on the slow side, last night’s episode barely stirred at all. I’ve seen clouds on a perfectly calm summer’s day move faster."

"Between the spurts of sparse dialogue, dragged-out shots of dimly-lit rooms and corridors (a regrettable legacy of Scandi noir), and long periods of staring into space, there was enough padding here to insulate an attic."

It didn't hold back any punches when it said It would probably have been better if the programme had wound up at "the end of what was a mostly gripping first season".

Meanwhile, The Irish Times was more positive but stressing that the opening scenes are not for the squeamish with some "grisly twists".

Reviewer Kevin Courtney said: "A great opening, not for the faint-hearted, but hopefully setting the scene for a riveting endgame." said the return almost "flatlined" praising the high drama of the opening scenes but criticising the lack of progression of the story.

It said: "Overall the episode seemed to linger far too long on details that nobody really cared about and it didn't feel like it gave us any progression to the narrative whatsoever."

But you can make your own mind up on Thursday when it returns to UK screens at 9pm.

The show stars Holywood's Jamie Dornan as serial killer Spector and X-Files FBI agent Gillian Anderson as tough-talking detective Gibson.

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In the final moments of series two the last words heard were Gibson desperately shouting "we're losing him" while Spector appeared to lose consciousness.

Gibson, seconded to Belfast from the Metropolitan Police, is tasked to sniff out serial killer Spector who stalks the city streets for his female prey.

Speaking previously about series three, Dornan said: "You can expect the unexpected. There's quite remarkable turns in the third season that I really genuinely think people won't see coming that are hugely exciting."

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