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The fourth is definitely with highly qualified mum Olga

By Joanne Sweeney

A 'supermum' doctor says she may still not be finished with her academic achievements after celebrating gaining her fourth degree.

Dr Olga Kerr has a passion for learning and has just graduated with an Executive MBA with commendation from Queen's University, Belfast.

She also jointly won the prize for best student in the leadership module in what was her third degree from Queen's.

The hospital consultant could not rule out trying for another qualification.

Dr Kerr said: "I'm not quite sure if I'm finished with education. Never say never, isn't that what they say? I just like learning new things, so possibly not.

"I did say after doing my third degree that I wasn't doing any more, but scarily enough I've already looked at a long-distance degree in law, as I think that would be useful to have."

She added: "I love being on the go all the time.

"My MBA that I gained yesterday is the first degree that the students weren't all doctors and it was really refreshing to get a completely different perspective on things."

On top of her busy schedule she also looks after three children, daughter Eva (9) and twin boys Zak and Zavier (4), who joined in with their mum's celebrations.

Dr Kerr said the family would be looking forward to spending more time together.

She said: "The dissertation of 25,000 words which I did over the summer was a bit of a killer.

"Now the children know that I can come out too on family outings at the weekend."

Dr Kerr holds a medical degree and practices full time as a dermatology consultant, specialising in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment at the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.

She also has a Masters in Medical Education from Queen's and is a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Edinburgh University.

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