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The full transcript of Simone Burns' foul-mouthed air rage rant aboard flight from India

Simone Burns outside Isleworth Crown Court in London
Simone Burns outside Isleworth Crown Court in London

"And you treat business class passengers like that?

"Who are international criminal lawyers for the Palestinian people.

"Who are actually working for your... all you... oh, you're the captain aren't you.

"You're the captain. I'm working for all your people."

The aggressive drunk shoves her face inches from the captain's nose, shouting: "The f****** Rohingya, the f****** Quechua, the f****** people of all nations, For you. International criminal lawyer.

"Don't get any money for it by the way.

"But you can't give me a f****** glass of wine?"

Still shouting, she says: "I say 'boycott Air India' (bleep) - done.

"If I say boycott Jet Airways, done. Yeah? Do you understand me? Do you understand me, yes? So you can't give me a wee bottle of wine, (bleep).

"I'm a f****** international criminal lawyer, and a barrister.

Simone Burns begins flailing around wildly in the cramped cabin.

"So don't even think about it, don't even f****** think about it," she says, calling the staff "rich Indian (bleep)" and "money-grabbing c****".

Stumbling down the aircraft's centre aisle, she yells: "Give me a bottle of wine and get him over. Otherwise, when we arrive in… where are we arriving? Where are we arriving again?

"Heathrow! Otherwise, he'll be all over f****** you lot, yeah?"

Burns continues to shout drunkenly in the cabin, at one point saying: "Speak to the police? Are you f****** joking me? I'm a f****** barrister. A human rights lawyer, and an international criminal lawyer.

"For the f****** Palestinian people. You think I'm scared, you threaten me with (bleep). You'll be standing on your (bleep) heads.

"Also Irish Republican Army. You'll be (bleep) shot. All you had to do is give me a f****** drink!

"You couldn't do that you couldn't do that could you.

"You said police are going to touch me at Heathrow Airport. Well (bleep) coming yeah?

"Got it? Got it?"

She rants at other passengers in the cabin: "Everyone in this (bleep) deaf? Anyone developed any balls recently?

"All do it all myself for you all shall I? Shall I? The Rohyinga the f****** Quechua, the indigenous peoples, and all the peoples of the world.

"And any time you can go, well we'll sort it out.You're sitting on your (bleep). You're pathetic."

She falls into her seat, still shrieking: "We - you're pathetic", before mumbling "don't think I approved everything I say (bleep)."

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