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'The Government ought to butt out, people are going to do whatever they want'

By Amanda Ferguson

What are your drinking habits? The Belfast Telegraph asked the public just how much you tipple.

Alfie Quigley (41) is a Titanic and City tour manager from Belvoir in south Belfast.

"I was 16 when I started drinking. Now I drink bottles of Budweiser only on a Saturday. I would have probably have about eight or nine bottles.

"I think young ones drink too much – too many cocktails and Jaegerbombs. People tend to drink before they come out too and then they are rubbered."

Chris King (19) is a student from the Falls Road area of west Belfast.

"Last night I drank six pints at the Limelight. That would be the amount I would drink about once a week.

"I don't really know about units.

"I only really drink at the weekends or at gigs. I didn't start drinking until I was 18 because I spent all my money at the Games Workshop, I still do.

"I pretty much always drink beer, anything heavier than that does not agree with me."

Jenny Boyle (22) is a waitress from Lisburn.

"I was 17 when I started to drink properly. I drink a bottle of vodka with two big bottles of WKD.

"Not very often, probably about twice a month. I don't drink often, but when I do, I do it right.

"I am aware of the guidelines for alcohol but it has no effect on me. The longest I have gone without alcohol was about eight months during my final year at university."

Caolan Finnegan (20) is a student and bar tender from Armagh.

"I was 14 when I started to drink and I would say the longest I've gone without a drink would maybe be three or four months.

"I drink brandy and Lucozade twice a week. Sometimes one and other times 10.

"I know men are supposed to limit to three or four units a day, but I work in a pub and people do ignore it. It's that culture here, once people go out they go mental on it.

"I was hungover the other day and I was dying. I should try to drink more in moderation."

Vanessa Cullen (22) is a retail assistant from Antrim.

"I started drinking when I was 16.

"I drink vodka and Red Bull or vodka and WKD at Belfast nightclubs. I would have a couple of drinks in the house before I go out.

"I know the limits and wouldn't drink until I was in a complete state.

"I drank more at uni, but I think you grow out of it."

Molly Hughes (19) is a student and bar tender from Armagh.

"I was about 16 when I started drinking alcohol. I drink wine, white muscovado, about once a week either in the house or at a nightclub. I used to binge drink at university.

"One night I had about one-and-a-half bottles of wine and a pint of Jaegerbomb. At uni in Liverpool everyone was all 'You're Irish, you can drink' so it is just sort of associated with you. The Government should butt out – people are going to drink what they want."

Amanda Lyness (44) is a hairdresser from Lurgan.

"I was about 16 or 17 when I started. I drink vodka, gin, spirits, mainly on the weekends.

"I know women are supposed to have 14 units a week, I don't stick to it.

"There are too many jobsworths, I think there is a lot more the Government could be involving themselves in.

"At the end of the day, we are adults and it is all part of social life, it's the culture in Northern Ireland.

"Buckfast being called Lurgan Champagne really annoys me. I have really never drank it; I tried it, it's like cough syrup."

Frank McCracken (69) is from Belfast.

"I was 21 or 22 when I started drinking. I took it up at the dances.

"I drink Tennent's twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday at the golf club. I have five pints over the day.

"The Government are trying to help people but they are not always right.

"People in general drink too much, but I don't overindulge."

Compiled by Amanda Ferguson

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