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The harsh penalty of parking in patrolled city zones


THE 20 riskiest places to park in Northern Ireland's capital were revealed by the Belfast Telegraph yesterday.

Shocking new data showed that five parking tickets a day were issued in one single street in the city during one 12-month period.

This newspaper also highlighted the number of penalty charge notices (PCNs), as they are also known, issued in each road, totalling a massive 28,724 in 2012-13.

It emerged that the top three streets to get caught out on were Lisburn Road (1,723), Chichester Street (1,076) and Stranmillis Road (873).

The Department for Regional Development (DRD) released information on each of the 189,771 tickets issued to motorists in Belfast between April 1, 2008 and March 31, 2013 in response to a Freedom of Information request from comparison website

Lisburn Road was revealed as the most ticketed area over the last five years, with 1,723 tickets being given out for parking violations in 2012-13.

In total, 11,049 PCNs have been issued to motorists on that one Belfast street alone since April 2008.

The next most ticketed streets – for two consecutive years – are Chichester Street and Stranmillis Road, where drivers have amassed 2,423 and 2,127 tickets respectively since April 2011.

And although the number of tickets being handed out here as a whole has dropped over the last five years, the revenue generated by the DRD has nevertheless risen due to an increase in parking fines. Each PCN issued costs vehicle owners £90, or £45 if paid within two weeks.

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