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The Mac 'disappointed' by £50,000 funding cut

By Amanda Ferguson

The Mac has described a £50,000 cut in funding from the Arts Council as "disappointing for the venue and for the arts in Northern Ireland".

The arts centre in the Cathedral Quarter area of Belfast will receive £950,000 from the Arts Council this year compared to £1m last year - representing a 5% reduction.

This comes after the Arts Council, which is funded by the Department of Culture Arts and Leisure, revealed details of how it will implement the 11.2% cut to funding passed on to it as part of the Northern Ireland Executive's 2015/16 budget.

A statement from the Mac said the 5% cut would impact its ability to provide services.

"The news that the Mac's ACNI grant has been cut by 5% is disappointing for the venue and for the arts in Northern Ireland," a spokesman said. "The cuts experienced by the Mac and, importantly, those we work with in production, will have an impact on our ability to meet the fundamental cultural tourism, improved arts provision and social inclusion objectives underpinning the creation of the Mac.

"The reduction in funding is particularly disheartening, given that the Mac has consistently delivered success since opening in April 2012."

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