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The photoswap that cost £185

By Bob Malcolm

A NEWTOWNABBEY councillor has sparked outrage after it was revealed that it cost the ratepayer a snappy £185 for her to have another photograph taken for her council page on the Newtownabbey Borough Council (NBC) website.

Dineen Walker – the council's Deputy Mayor has changed the old photo, taken around five years ago, for a new one of her with straight hair and a black rather than red top on. She said that she had no idea the change would cost £185 and that she asked for it to be changed because no one recognised who she was in the old photo.

The information board in Mossley Mill is changed annually as new mayors and deputy mayors are picked – at the cost of £195 – and it cost an extra £185 to change it for the new photograph.

Dineen Walker said she would be willing to pay the cost herself if necessary.

"If I had known there would be a cost, I would have told them to leave it."

An NBC spokesperson said: "The display board was replaced again subsequently in response to a request around the quality of a photograph that had originally been used."

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