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The six barricades that tumbled down

By Rebecca Black

Brucevale Avenue, north Belfast, close to Duncairn Avenue: A low gate and a steel palisade fence close off access between these two streets, which run along the boundary of the former Girdwood barracks.

Duncairn Gardens was historically a major flashpoint between the republican New Lodge area and loyalist Tiger's Bay.

Trouble dates back to the early 1970s and continued as recently as 2001.

Torrens Avenue, north Belfast (dating back to 1990s): A section of wall runs from the junction of Torrens Avenue and Oldpark Road to near the junction with Oldpark Avenue. This area is a small Protestant enclave and saw a campaign of intimidation in the early 2000s.

Butcher Gates, Londonderry: on the elevation looking towards the Bogside. Removed in May 2013

Magazine Gate, Londonderry: on the Guild Hall side. Removed in May 2013

Ship Quay Gate, Londonderry: on the Guild Hall side. Removed in May 2013

Ferry Quay Gate, Londonderry: adjacent to the Fountain Estate. Removed in May 2013

The steel security gates were fixed to each of the entrances to Derry City Centre through its historic walls during the Troubles in an attempt to try and secure the city amid violence.

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