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The snaps are flooding in for One (rainy) Summer's Day

By Linda Stewart

Saturday may have been a total washout – but that hasn't stopped amazing photos taken during the day from continuing to flood in.

Resilient readers piled on the waterproofs before braving the elements for our One Summer's Day photography competition.

For one day, the Belfast Telegraph teamed up with Northern Ireland Tourist Board to persuade snappers of all ages and abilities to enter our photography competition – capturing anything that took their fancy on August 2.

And the photos are still pouring in, including Paulette McConnell's dramatic image of the forbidding Dark Hedges near Armoy, Co Antrim.

Joyce Dunlop took an engaging picture of a robin enjoying a bath in her garden.

"As I gazed out of the window at the pouring rain I thought this is not a good day for taking pictures," she said. "Then I saw a little robin having a bath and it looked so cute and punk-like. So here it is – 'Punk Robbie'."

Barry McQueen struck a joyous note with his misty shot of his two girls jumping for joy on Newcastle beach. Melanie Thompson captured the imposing Ballycopeland windmill at Millisle against the background of the sky.

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