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The south Belfast butcher who beefed up Rory McIlory and Darren Clarke for Open Championship success

By Amanda Ferguson

A butcher in south Belfast thinks he might just know the secret to sporting triumph.

Michael McCormick from Murphy’s Quality Meat Specialists on the Lisburn Road reckons his sirloin steaks hold the key to Open Championship golf glory.

Two of our champion golfers — Darren Clarke and Rory McIlory — were both gifted two sirloin steaks from Murphy’s ahead of their respective Open victories in 2011 and on Sunday.

And 1947 Open winner, the late Fred Daly from Portrush, was a former customer.

“If you want to play better golf our sirloins should do it,” Michael said yesterday.

“In 2011 Darren Clarke was stood outside the shop just before the Open and I introduced myself to him,” Michael explained.

“I gave him two sirloin steaks and told him he was going to win — and he did.

“So two weeks ago we gave Rory McIlroy two sirloin steaks and told him about Clarke winning after getting the same. He was laughing. And now he has won the Open, too.

“All the boys in the butchers had their money on him at 20/1. They did well.”

With the glorious summer weather, Murphy’s is doing a roaring trade as customers light up their barbecues.

Steak burgers are proving 10 times more popular than usual.

“The order of the day is steak burgers,” Michael said. “We usually sell about 50 on a normal day but its about 500-a-day at the minute.

“People are barbecuing everywhere. We’re getting the smoke signals all over BT9.

“The weather gives us a big boost.”

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