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The Tyrone surfing fan who doesn’t need huge breakers for his thrills... just a puddle in the road

By Claire Williamson

No waves? No problem. That's the mantra of a surfer from Co Tyrone who, along with his friend, came up with a way to surf with no sea - on the streets of Manchester.

Sean-Caio Dos Santos Corr (19) from Derrylaughan, a second-year international management student at Manchester University, and his friend Christian Berger (24), who is studying for a PhD in nanoscience, are big surfing fans.

One day when they were out in rainy Manchester they noticed the spray from the puddles and thought it would be fun to pretend surfing them, so they returned after a downpour and on a whim lifted a camera.

Sean told the Belfast Telegraph: "We are pretty into our surfing. We actually just booked a week surfing in The Azores and we are getting really excited about it.

"My friend got the idea when he saw a bus splashing through a puddle on the side of a road and it threw up a barrel (where a wave is hollow when it is breaking). That's when we decided we'd do it. It was only for a joke, to be honest. We found it hilarious."

"We went out and tried to do it one day but the puddle had been splashed out.

"We were on red alert and we went back and there had been an absolute downpour and we got barrelled."

The pair said the reactions they got from motorists was "100% positive".

Sean said: "The cars came and the drivers' reactions were great - they were speeding up, they were stopping to chat.

"(There were) people standing outside their houses taking videos, and people walking in the park came over. The reaction was 100% positive, it was great."

Sean said that while the weather was terrible he barely noticed the cold because he was having so much fun.

And the 19-year-old did not expect the reaction the video has received - prompting phonecalls from news outlets in Germany and Switzerland.

"We didn't even intend to take a camera with us, we just grabbed it on the way out of the house for a laugh," he said.

"And now it's quite funny that people are actually interested in seeing eejits on the side of the road getting splashed in the face by a puddle. Maybe if it gets people to try surfing, then that would be pretty cool."

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