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The Young: A better life - most Catholics think that Northern Ireland has improved

A majority of young people believe Northern Ireland has improved as a place to live in the last five years, today's poll results reveal.

Just over 50% said the province had "improved" or "improved greatly" in recent years.

Looking at depth into the figures again shows that substantially more young Catholics thought Northern Ireland had improved as a place to live, compared to Protestants "and this is also reflected in reverse".

Out of the total, 30.5% said the province had "improved greatly" and a further 26.2 % said it had "improved".

On the other end of the scale, just 12.5% said the province had got worse over the period of half a decade.

But 64.6 % of Catholics gave the top two answers compared to just over 30% of Catholics giving the bottom answer.

"There is a general feeling among the young people that NI had improved as a place to live, but this is not decisive," pollsters LucidTalk concluded.

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