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The Young: Politics - a massive vote of no confidence for the folks on the hill

By Liam Clarke

If most young people don't believe there is peace in Northern Ireland, an even higher proportion doubt the ability of politicians to sort out the problems of a divided society.

When they were asked 'Do you think our politicians are capable of agreeing on a joint future for Northern Ireland?', nearly 70% said no. This is a massive vote of no confidence in the political class from the rising generation.

The figure, 69.6%, topped the 65.3% who say there is no peace now. However, the number who answered the question was higher, with only 1.5% or eight people out of the total sample who were unsure. This makes the answer all the more emphatic.

When we broke the issue down by religion, it showed that Protestant youths had least confidence in politicians. 62.4% of people who did not believe that a 'joint future vision' could be agreed were Protestants and the remaining 37.6% were Catholics. The small number who didn't know were also mostly Protestant. This will be seen as underlining the sense of uncertainty about the future among Protestants noted in the recent Community Relations Peace Monitoring report.

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