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The Young: Stormont vote... 41% want to make their mark

Most of our young people believe it is important to vote in Stormont elections, according to the LucidTalk poll.

There was a positive response regarding participation in elections among those between 16 to 24 who took part. The majority (41.3% or 227) said it was very important, followed by 21.6% (119) who deemed it important.

The results match the current demographic of all adults in that approximately two-thirds think it is good to vote, with the remainder ambivalent.

Interestingly, the number of young Catholics who think it is important to vote compared with their Protestant peers was approximately 60/40.

The figures from our poll suggest young people believe it is important to vote but have little confidence in those in power. Asked if they thought our politicians are capable of agreeing a joint future for Northern Ireland almost 70% said no.

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