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There are bigger scumbags than me: Paramilitary attack victim speaks out after shooting

A Belfast man who was victim of a paramilitary attack has spoken out, asking why he was targeted saying "there's bigger scum bags than me out there".

The man was shot in the New Lodge area on Sunday at around 8.30pm.

Speaking on the BBC Stephen Nolan show, the victim said he had no idea why he was targeted. Saying he suffered paranoid schizophrenia and rarely left the house spending most of his time "watching tv with his dad".

He told the broadcaster he was back at home, couldn't move off the sofa and had to "pee in a bottle".

Asked how he was, he replied: "Sore."

He admitted he tried to avoid trouble but had been arrested by police in the past and in recent months had been in jail for assault in police. He said that was a result of him being a "drunk, stupid plonker".

He said on Sunday evening he walked past two people in the street who offered an "hello" which he returned.

They then told the man they needed to "have a word with him" in his house.

After initially refusing he relented saying he had "no choice" and he and the men entered his house where they ordered him to sit out the sofa and his father to stay on the stairs.

He said another man later arrived at the house who ordered him to turn round.

"I then turned my head and I just saw the gun and then 'bang, bang, bang,'" He told the BBC.

"You feel the pain alright," he said.

"It's like a burning sensation, really, really sore."

He said the men left his home and his father used towels to stem the blood loss while they waited on an ambulance.

Home after a stay in hospital he said he couldn't move off the sofa and had to stop his bar work. Both he and his father were left "frightened".

Mr McMahon said he felt he had been targeted for his paranoid schizophrenia.

"Ive been targeted for that - I think it is a misunderstanding," he added.

"It is a disgrace.

"There are bigger scumbags than me - I don't even leave the house. It is disgusting they can run around and do it.

I'm scared I don't want to live in this house anymore. I just want out of it.

"Belfast has just gone to the dogs."

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