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There could be worse to come, says nurse who lived there

By Noel McAdam

A Northern Ireland nurse who worked in Nepal has said she fears the worst may still be to come.

Linda McKee, who worked in the country for over 14 years, said thousands more may have died in the areas outside Kathmandu.

"The thing about Nepal is that it is a land-locked country - there are several of the highest mountain ranges in the world all around it - and so communications are not very easy," she said.

"This is by far the worst disaster to ever hit the country. Constantly you would have had small tremors but I cannot remember anything as remotely serious as this."

Mrs McKee attended a meeting of Nepalese families yesterday to help organise a practical response from Northern Ireland.

Also at the meeting in Belfast was gynaecologist Dr Savana Sharma Bardhan, who is originally from Nepal.

"We do not know how many people are under the rubble," she said. "I heard from a friend, who has a relative who was buried under the buildings that collapsed and the body was cremated. I have also seen footage of rescuers working and half a head coming out from under the rubble. It is horrible."

The Nepalese community in Northern Ireland is relatively small, only around 200 people in total, mostly in Belfast. They are primarily employed in the catering and restaurant industry.

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