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'There is no good Brexit': Sinn Fein respond to Foster's Republic speech

Michelle O'Neill
Michelle O'Neill

Sinn Fein's leader in Northern Ireland Michelle O'Neill has said "there is no good Brexit" in response to a speech by DUP leader Arlene Foster.

Speaking on Saturday at a Brexit-focused Killarney Economic Conference in Co Kerry, Arlene Foster urged close Anglo-Irish relations, and suggested leaders across the island of Ireland should work together for their mutual benefit during Brexit.

Mrs Foster spoke about her experience of growing up near to the Irish border, and said she planned to raise the prospect of enhancing Anglo-Irish relations, under the auspices of the British-Irish Council, when she meets Ireland’s Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney.

Mrs O'Neill said she welcomed "the acknowledgement by Arlene Foster" that "our economy, community, and future, North and South, are interlinked and interdependent".

"However, this cannot distract from the fact that Brexit will be disastrous for all of Ireland. There is no good Brexit. Today was a difference in tone, but not in policy," she said.

“The DUP leader has said she is opposed to a hard border and open to novel solutions."

In her comments Mrs O'Neill repeated a call for Northern Ireland to have special designated status within Northern Ireland, and for the "cross-community vote in the north to be respected".

In the June 2016 vote on Britain leaving the EU, Northern Ireland supported remaining by a majority of 55.8% to 44.2%.

"The DUP need to put the interests of all our people before party, and set aside the Brexit blank cheque they issued to the Tories as part of their supply and confidence agreement," Mrs O'Neill added.

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