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These could have killed, say police as machetes are seized after bust-up between two families

By Cate McCurry

Deadly knives, including two machetes, have been seized by police after a disturbance in Co Armagh.

It is understood that officers were called to the scene yesterday after a large-scale disturbance erupted between two families in the Limewood area of Banbridge.

Police issued a stark warning following the seizure of the potentially deadly weapons, warning that someone could have been “killed easily”.

Five people were arrested following the incident, and it is understood the PSNI is stepping up patrols in the area.

Police crews from the town and from Armagh and Lurgan attended the scene.

One officer also posted a photograph of the recovered weapons next to a 10 pence coin online to show the sheer size of the knives.

“Thankfully, even with the array of weaponry being used, there were no serious injuries,” the officer said.

“We have five arrested. If you live in Limewood and haven’t yet spoken to us and can be of any assistance in helping us piece this together, please call us.

“These weapons could have killed today, easily.

“We’re just glad to get them off the street and we are relying on you, our lovely public, to keep reporting suspicious or violent activity.”

DUP MLA for the area Carla Lockhart described the incident as hugely worrying and said action would be taken. “Firstly I would commend the police on their efforts on finding and locating and taking these weapons off the streets,” she added.

“It’s very worrying to hear that this has happened in Banbridge, which is a very settled community.

“I would encourage anyone who has any information to come forward to the PSNI.

“I will be meeting with PSNI representatives to ascertain the level of activity of this type of behaviour.

“We will be ensuring that everything is being done, that resources are being deployed to ensure that these types of weapons are being removed society.

“Not only have dangerous weapons been taken off the street, but five people were also arrested.

“There can be no justifiable reason for anyone to carry these weapons on their person.

“It is very welcome for the residents of Limewood and the greater Banbridge area that the weapons are now in the possession of the PSNI.”

Ulster Unionist MLA Doug Beattie described the event as an appalling incident that has “no place in society”.

He added: “Taking weapons like this off our streets is a positive thing.

“There is absolutely no place for machetes, or any other type of weapons like these in our society.

“It’s a good thing that police have used whatever intelligence they have to be able to recover these weapons.”

“It’s appalling to think what they were intending to use them for but we will wait to see if there are any charges brought against them.”

“I think we all have a degree of issues throughout our provincial towns.

“However Banbridge is a place where you would rarely hear of anything happening like this, so this was surprising to hear.”

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